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5 things I’ve learned from July



1. Listen to your intuition


As a survivor of narcissistic abuse I learned from a young age not to listen to my intuition. But over the years, I became more aware of my intuition through journaling, meditation and therapy. Especially this month, I’ve tuned into myself, and I’m highly perceptive what’s going on inside my inner world. Listen to your intuition, and then communicate the feelings you have when they’re other people involved. Often times your intuition turns out to be right.


2. Take steps to take care of your body 


I’ve found that exercise improves mood and energy, and it’s so easy to look up exercise videos on YouTube and to do it at home! Because I started to exercise it also motivated me to take out the unhealthy parts of my diet, thus to eat healthier.


3. Take steps to take care of your mind


This one is especially important if you ask me. Your thoughts influence everything in your day to day. Because I had to overcome challenges this month, I was in need to strengthen my mind. That’s why I started to read the book 13 things mentally strong people don’t do by Amy Morin. She gives amazing tips to strengthen your mind with great examples.

It made me realize (and practice) not to give away my power to people or situations I have no control over. It made me take more control over my mind by not paying attention to negative situations and people by removing them from my thoughts as much as possible. 


4. Master your emotions


Emotions play a tremendous role in our lives. We can master them. We are not a victim of our emotions. We are strong and have immense power and resilience. The book master your emotions by Thibaut Meurisse came at the right time this month. 


‘’Focus your mind on things you desire, not things you fear.’’


Focus your mind on what you want instead of what you fear. Easier said than done. Often fear is in the way, but it’s time to conquer those fears for once and for all.

Here’s a link to the audiobook of master your emotions if you want to listen to it:



5. Have fun


I’ve learned not to take myself so seriously. Sometimes we get so caught up in the work that we do that we forget to have fun. It’s okay to meet friends and have a good time. It’s okay to relax. It’s okay to do something that’s not tied to some goal.


I want to end this post with the affirmations:


I live a life that I like

I live a life that I love


Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.


Much love,



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